Music Tuesday: Christmas Edition

TWTW December 6th through the 16th: I Say Weird Things To A Man In A Hood

Music Monday: Martin Peter - Days Gone By

TWTW December 3rd through the 9th: I Like When It's Really Cold

Music Monday: Marc Hartman - The Language Of Love

TWTW November 26th through December 2nd: I Find The End Of The Rainbow And A Package Never Arrives

Music Monday: RJ Chevalier - Mercury

TWTW November 19th through the 25th: Not Much Of A Thanksgiving

Music Monday: Sensetive5 feat. Katya Smolina - Loosing Myself

TWTW November 12th through the 18th: Jobu Acts Annoying

Music Monday: Super8 & Tab - Falling Into You (Headspace Remix)

TWTW November 5th through the 11th: The Return Of The Sick Teddy Bear

Music Monday: Hanna Mjoen - Sounds Good To Me